COVID Aware Activities

Client safety is our highest priority and we have adapted many of our activities to meet all current government safety and social distancing guidelines.

To help you choose the best activities for your event, we have created a traffic light system showing our range of activities from those that are safest to enjoy to those that we cannot currently offer.


Covid GREEN activities are those that we can safely carry out with adaptations such as face masks, hand cleansing stations, gloves and social distancing.

As they are all outdoor activities with adequate space for social distancing they are deemed to be of the lowest risk.


Covid AMBER activities that require more adaptation and may have components missing that cannot be safety employed on events such as shared resources or food items.  However, they still have the capacity for social distancing and hygiene and we are pleased to be able to offer them.



Covid RED activities are those that we cannot currently offer as they do not have the ability to adequately offer social distancing or hygiene safety.  This status may well change with future government guidelines.



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