Frequently Asked Questions

Planning an event can be a daunting task. We create each event to your requirements and every event is different, but there are a number of questions that crop up again and again so we’ve listed them below.

Don’t worry if your question isn’t there, simply fill in our enquiry form or call or email us and well help in any way we can.

Are you mobile?

Yes. All our activities are fully mobile with most of our business in the south and midlands of England.

Do you provide indoor as well as outdoor activities?

Yes. We provide just about every kind of indoor activity from casinos and murder mysteries to team building. Of course, we also supply a full range of outdoor and marine based activities too.

Can you recommend venues?

We will be delighted to recommend venues in your chosen area. We have a working knowledge of most venues in the south and midlands of England.

We don’t take commission from any venues so we can be honest and fair with our recommendations to ensure that you pick the best venue for your requirements.

Do you organise conferences?

Not directly. We work in conjunction with our associated company, Eventful, who have a great depth of experience and knowledge setting up and running conferences.

Do your quotations include land hire?

Not unless specified. Land hire varies widely and is usually negotiable with the venue concerned. It is also dependant on the specific programme being planned.

What should I wear on an event?

For comfort we recommend that participants wear casual clothing in keeping with the season. Practical footwear (trainers, sports shoes, stout shoes etc.) is recommended.

What happens if it rains?

We provide small event marquees with nearly all our activities which allow guests to shelter when waiting their turn on the activity.

Can you provide waterproof clothing?

We can provide waterproof suits/coveralls, normally at extra cost, if required.

Can I participate on driving events without a driving licence?

For off road driving a licence is not required nor is any previous experience.

Are team building events physical?

The level of guest involvement depends greatly on the type of scenario. We have attempted to remove physical requirements to a minimum unless specifically asked to provide a special type of activity i.e. Assault course, high ropes course or abseiling for instance.

Do you cater for participants with disabilities?

This will depend on the circumstances. Every effort will be made to ensure anyone with a disability will be totally involved and able to participate within their capabilities.

Do you allow alcohol during an event?

Many of our activities can be enjoyed after a glass of wine, however, with vehicle based events alcohol is not allowed.

On any activity, our instructors reserve the right to stop a person participating who is under the influence of alcohol and may prove a danger to themselves, the instructor or other people.

What Insurance cover do you provide and will I need additional Insurance?

As a leading events company, Eventive has comprehensive Public and Product Liability insurance up to £5 Million.

Should you require personal accident cover we will be happy to obtain a quotation.

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