This ancient and noble sport is both thrilling and fascinating. Our senior falconers each have more than 25 years experience of handling and flying these majestic birds.

Their love of falconry and dedication to conserving wildlife have given them an unrivalled depth of knowledge, and they are always happy to answer questions and discuss matters involving the countryside and its wildlife.

Static display & hands on flying

A selection of birds will be on display including hawks, falcons, barn owls, eagle owls, red tails, buzzards, kestrels and other birds of prey. The falconer will explain the training and methods of hunting with various breeds. Guests will be provided with all the necessary equipment (gauntlets, jessies etc.) and trained hawks. They will be taken through various areas available at the venue to fly the birds and experience the thrill of controlling these magnificent creatures.

Flying Display

Our falconer will give a brief talk on the history of falconry and explain the techniques involved in displaying falcons in an aerial display.

The party will see the bird circling above, checking out the thermals and mapping its approach before diving at speeds reaching over 100 mph towards the lure.

Guests will be involved in every stage, with volunteers asked to help with the display and the falcon being flown close enough to touch. A truly magnificent and unforgettable experience.

Activity Stats

  • 9/10 Fun
    3/10 Adrenaline
    8/10 Team
    2/10 Physical
    7/10 Cerebral

What's included

  • £5M Public & Product Liability insurance