Cocktail Treasure Hunt

A new twist on one of our most popular activities in the form of a Cocktail Treasure hunt.

Participants will be sorted into teams and sent out on a short but fun hunt to find the ingredients to make some themed cocktails for themselves and the other teams.

Prizes will be awarded for the most original (and tasty) concoctions.

The aim of the activity is to entertain the whole group and adapt to their level of participation.  Some groups may want to go further and explore more, others may want a quick walk so they can get back to start mixing their drinks early.

Either way, this activity is a great way for them to enjoy the event whilst still being able to chat to each other.


Cocktail mixing lessons – A cocktail ‘mixologist’ will show the group how to make a range of popular cocktails.  The group could even create a special cocktail to be named after the Leader or Hen.

Non-Alcoholic Treasure Hunt – The group could search for items and ingredients to make the ultimate indulgent hot chocolate treat (marshmallows, biscuits, cakes, cream, etc.).

Activity Stats

  • 9/10 Fun
    3/10 Adrenaline
    8/10 Team
    2/10 Physical
    7/10 Cerebral

What's included

  • £5M Public & Product Liability insurance