Take a walk on the wild side and learn some essential bushcraft skills.  This event is highly flexible and can be tailored for your requirements; with everything from a quick hours introduction into building your own shelter right up to a weekend in the woods homing your newfound techniques.

The event can include:

Bushcraft and Woodland Skills

Participants will be shown a number of basic bushcraft skills including fire-lighting, water purification, and navigation.

Participants will learn how to prepare and start a fire from scratch using materials around them.

Canvas bags, tin cans, traffic cones and other vessels can be used to achieve improvised water purification. All participants will have an opportunity to practice their newly learnt skills.

Participants will be shown how to determine which way is south by using a stick and two rocks, use an ordinary watch as a compass and use the sun, stars, wind and tree moss to determine direction.

Shelter Construction

From bashas to ponchos, bivouacs to hammocks.

Participants will learn the principles of cover from the elements using whats around them.

Hangi Cooking

Hangi cooking or the Maori oven is a tried and tested method for cooking with very limited resources.

We will help the team assemble the hangi and then at the end of the day gather round and uncover the cooked meat and vegetables within.

This is an awesome event and a great centerpiece.  The look on participants faces when they ‘dig up’ a meal of beautifully cooked roast meats, fish and vegetables is priceless.

Depending on the client, we can also include animal trapping and preparation.

Activity Stats

  • 9/10 Fun
    3/10 Adrenaline
    8/10 Team
    2/10 Physical
    7/10 Cerebral

What's included

  • £5M Public & Product Liability insurance