Covid-prepared activities

Client safety is our highest priority and we have adapted our activities to meet all current government safety guidelines.

All equipment used on our activities will be cleaned by the instructor after use by each guest and there will be allocated areas for used PPE, gloves and face makes etc. to be disposed.   PPE (personal protective equipment) will be available to all guests throughout the event. 

The guests will be encouraged to use hand sanitiser before and after their involvement.

Some activities can be instructed from a safe distance.  When closer physical distance is needed between client and instructor, both will be wearing the appropriate PPE.

  • Once again ‘thank you’ for all your help in helping me make my first Group Finance event turn out so wonderful!!

    Serco Group Finance

Cheese and Wine Online Masterclass

Evolving from the ever popular Wine Tasting Challenge, our new Cheese and Wine Online Masterclass provides a fun and simple tour of your palate, exploring the flavour language of British artisan cheeses and international wines from the comfort of your own venue or hotel.

Mortar & Cannon Firing

This is an interesting departure from conventional shooting with a history lesson thrown in. Guests will be taught to fire a 4.5 inch bore cannon. This has been modified to fire large rubber balls at a mock British castle. This is always very popular, especially with American clients, as we all know the outcome of […]

Crazy Golf

Our Crazy Golf course is guaranteed to bring out your competitive side as well as creating plenty of laughs and frustration along the way.

Batak – Reaction Test Game

The Batak Pro is one of the most exciting and addictive games available for corporate entertainment and promotional activities.

Garden Games

Timeless garden games and Giant games for any family day event

Axe Throwing

 There’s nothing quite like throwing metal at timber to get the adrenaline flowing.

what3words Treasure Hunt

A twist on our bespoke treasure hunt. Teams use the what3words location app to discover a hidden items and challenges to lead them to the prize.

Combat Archery

Archery was designed for battles and hunting back in the ‘good old days’, now it’s been adapted so we can do battle with each other in a fun, safe and social environment.

Duck Herding

Put some fun into any company away day or team event with the Dog and Duck show.

Road Cycling

Create your own company cycling event with our Road Cycling event

Treasure Hunt

Our treasure hunt is is a great fun way to get teams working together and out in the fresh air.

Segway Off Road Experience

These amazing vehicles seen to defy the laws of physics.

Target Archery

We use top quality competition standard recurve bows which, although looking similar to long bows, are in fact radically different.

Air Pistol Shooting

We provide a 7 metre air weapons range with professional shooting instructor/s to supervise.

Laser Clay Shooting

Very realistic simulated clay shooting using 5 standard over and under shotguns which have been deactivated and fitted with electronics.

Sheep Dog Trials

This is seriously good fun and mimics the very popular sport of sheep dog trials.

Working Dogs & Ferrets

This is seriously good fun and features a selection of traditional working dogs such as pointers, retrievers, terriers, spaniels etc.


This ancient and noble sport is both thrilling and fascinating.

Competition Croquet

Eventive have devised a fun format which, although played to the accepted rules, allows for up to 16 players at a time.

Clay Shooting

The clay shoot is set as an English sporting layout with clays launched in a variety of presentations simulating the flight of various different birds.

Air Rifle Shooting

We provide a 25 metre air weapons range with professional shooting instructors to supervise.

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