Indoor Laser Shooting

The popularity of simulated clay pigeon shooting as provided by the Laser Clay system has been expanded to give an indoor activity.

This provides a very competitive shooting discipline with tuition from our professional shooting instructor.

Programmable Active Random Indoor Shooting System (PARISS).

The five gun MK2 Laser Clay system is connected to the PARISS computer which presents five simulated targets.

The targets are embedded in a large screen depicting a delightful lakeside scene at varying heights and distances to give a stimulating layout.  The targets display a clay sized ring of lights which come on for varying times and random patterns.  Each target contains a bright xenon flash light which is set off by a hit.  The computer can set various different shooting options to keep the guests fully entertained and very competitive.  Individual scores are display on a large scoreboard.

With five guests shooting at one time, this exciting activity is competitive, challenging and almost addictive.

Activity Stats

  • 9/10 Fun
    3/10 Adrenaline
    8/10 Team
    2/10 Physical
    7/10 Cerebral

What's included

  • £5M Public & Product Liability insurance