Rabbit stew a winner Wasing Open Day

Rabbit stew a winner Wasing Open Day


Rabbit stew a winner Wasing Open Day

We were recently asked to demonstrate our bushcraft activities at Wasing Park for their latest open day and were happy to oblige (never missing a chance to spend a few days playing in the woods).

A day was spent preparing the site and building a large, 25 foot, lean-to shelter in a lovely wooded glade near Wasings woodland wedding venue, as well as sourcing ingredients and preparing a few tasty meal samples for the attendees, including a rabbit stew, nettle tea and traditional Australian 'dampers'.

The event day itself was hot and sunny and the morning was spent finishing off the finer details such as a number of animal snares and traps as well as a 3 stage water filter and cooking fire.  The idea being to demonstrate the four core elements of bushcraft and survival; Protection, Water, Food and Fire.

After a relaxing start, we soon started receiving a surprising number of visitors and James was kept busy taking each individual through the various scenarios before letting them sample the food and drink on offer.

The rabbit stew gained an early following with many converts who'd not tried the meat previously.  Word spread and the afternoon guests arrived with big smiles and healthy appetites.

Overall, the event was a great success with many companies, agents, and even suppliers being shown a collection of activities that they may not normally have considered.

The bushcraft elements can be taught separately and integrated within multi activity events with groups of up to 10 per instructor rotating through each activity every hour.  Alternatively, the event can be stand-alone or as a centrepiece lasting a full day or even a weekend with an overnight camp.

For more information, contact James on 01256 765007 or [email protected]

For more information on the fantastic Wasing Estate, contact Lisa or Natasha on 0118 971 3634 or visit www.wasing.co.uk

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