Off Road

Off Road

Adrenaline fuelled fun

These adrenaline packed off road activities are a great way to burn off excess energy after a long conference.

These activities test participants skill and co-ordination as they experience some unique vehicles from the 6x6 Maxcat to outrageous Apache 2 seat racer.

Off Road vehicles make a great centerpiece to any event and provide entertainment in spectating as well as participating.

The activities work best with teams of 8 to 10 although smaller events can benefit from a longer experience with reduced team sizes.

All of the activities are competitive and prizes can be supplied for the best individual or team.

Off Road activities work nicely with Country Pursuits and some of the Team Building tasks.


A word from our clients:

"I have heard for my client CSTIM and they were totally delighted with the exciting off road event you provided last week. We will be delighted to work with Eventive on future events and give you assistance with venue finding requirements should you need them."

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