Evening & Indoor

Evening & Indoor

Glitz, glamour and out of the rain

Whether an after conference party or an indoor team building activity to compliment a training session, we supply a large range of indoor and evening activities to suit all occasions.

Our fun casinos, Sclaextric and horse race events are the icing on the cake after a successful seminar and our murder evenings let you get your own back on your boss.

All activities are very flexible and can cater for events, small and large.  Some activities, such as Scalextric Racing are competitive whilst others are just for fun.

Our Murder Mysteries can cater for all types of guest, whether introvert or extrovert, and parts can be specially written to include people, brands, etc.


A word from our clients:

"I just wanted to say what an excellent murder mystery you provided and what a brilliant job Peter and Dan did on Tuesday night. Please pass on our thanks to them both."

BP International

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